2 rounds- Bikini Round and Theme-wear Round

*Low body fat percentage beyond 12% to maintaining beauty of muscle definition.

*Feminine and natural upper body T & V shape.

*Feminine and slightly round shoulders.

*Slightly Back muscle group definitio

*Flat and toned midsection with narrow waist, Obliques cut and slightly Abdominal cut.

*Toned Legs and Developed Glutes slightly showing muscle separation with NO cellulite.

*Other factors include symmetry, posing, stage presence, confidence, glamour and overall conditioning.

*Contestants should present themselves in a classy and elegant fashion.

ROUND 1: Two pieces bikini

Bikini DIVA suit (not g-string) in any fabric with crystals and jewels.
Stage jewelry of choice can be worn as long as not distracting.
A classy style of shoe is recommended which does not have to be a clear heel- 7-8 heel is the maximum height suggested.

Stage Walk;
Each contestant will come on to the stage individually performing a T-walk and then remaining on stage.
In the comparison round, 2 Poses will be performed; Front and Back

what are the judges looking for?

ROUND 2: Theme-wear (Oriental Style)

This round should not become confused with a sports wear theme.

We require female competitors to bring creative and glamorous Theme-wear to the stage.

Stage Walk:
A runway style presentation one at a time and then in one line for comparison

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